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New Jersey families, working together with the NJ Alliance of Family Support Organizations, community-based organizations, and other system partners have released the first two in a series of video testimonials advocating for continued funding of Family Support Organizations state-wide. Unfortunately, Governor Phil Murphy is currently recommending a 15% cut across the board for all family support services provided through the NJ Department of Children and Families.

Las familias de Nueva Jersey, en colaboración con la Alianza de Organizaciones de Apoyo Familiar de Nueva Jersey, organizaciones comunitarias y otros socios del sistema, han publicado los dos primeros de una serie de testimonios en video que abogan por la financiación continua de las Organizaciones de Apoyo Familiar en todo el estado. Desafortunadamente, el gobernador Phil Murphy recomienda actualmente una reducción del 15% en todos los servicios de apoyo familiar proporcionados a través del Departamento de Niños y Familias de Nueva Jersey. Read More...

by Loyda Goldston

Eldar Ganiev is the Youth Coordinator of Youth Partnership of Bergen County, NJ. He has been involved with Youth Partnership since 2006, first volunteering and now running the Youth Program. In 2012, Eldar was set out to teach kids about using recycled material to create beautiful artwork. The kids and Eldar took on this massive project which involved collecting plastic bottle caps and creating a beautiful masterpiece.


Wraparound grew out of a nationwide effort in the 1970s to reform children's mental health services in order to create flexibility, sensitivity and effectively serve those youth and families in need. Wraparound is both an approach and a specific set of services, strategies and supports. Wraparound often occurs in the community, where services are individualized to meet children's and families' needs.


By Dennis Thompson, Jr.
Medically reviewed by Christine Wilmsen Craig, M.D.

For people who are struggling with depression, support groups can be a terrific source of help and inspiration for a person battling depression. "People who are living with these illnesses can feel very isolated," says Ingrid Deetz, director of chapter relations for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. "Support groups are a safe place where you know other people have experienced similar situations."

Support groups are not the same as group therapy. In group therapy, a trained therapist guides the discussion between a limited number of people, and individuals are encouraged to both share their feelings and provide feedback to the other members, says Deetz. In contrast, support group meetings often are led by someone who has struggled with depression. The meetings cover a variety of topics important to the members. You won't receive psychotherapy, but you might gain valuable insight from someone facing similar situations.


By Pamela Wilson

It is often difficult to find a good local pediatrician or clinic for a child with a disability, chronic health condition, or other special needs.

Parents of newly diagnosed babies may be asking about the implications of their child's specific diagnosis from a doctor who heard only a few minutes mention of it during medical school and has had less actual experience with patients.

Even the strongest advocate-parent may not realize the importance of finding credible resources to share with their doctor so that a well trained physician can become an actual expert on the topic. For parents whose children have a condition or health problem that is new to the family, it may be helpful to seek out an adult with the same diagnosis to learn more about their children's healthcare needs.


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